The Story of Us

Two strangers met in an event…sounds like a love story?

Probably it’s our love for technology that got us, strangers, talking about the real deal out there. What are customers' pain points during software development? How can we help to resolve their issues?

It took us 8 years with continuous discussion and improvements of technical growth, getting certifications & awards and specially plan to remove this monolithic approach and give the customer something scalable, cost effective and acceptable system. Keeping this in mind we start planning and done some POC's, shared it with others and make a great team who have same vision as us and now we are a small startup with a solid vision.

We are a dynamic high performance agile team of fresh blood having a passion for technology, innovation and agility. Trust us we are really good analysts, problem solvers, amazing designers, great capabilities to impress the customer with our work and always have a customer-first approach.

We work for both large and small companies to guarantee top-quality services. We don’t just deliver products, we create solutions for our customers.

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals are simple, to deploy (On-Premises as well as on Cloud) Software Solutions that help companies manage their software projects better.