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Kentico Xperience

As a Kentico Bronze partner, our expert Kentico development team can assist you in designing, developing, and optimizing customer-centric Kentico content management systems that provide an exceptional user experience and a solid foundation for your digital strategy. We are expert in Kentico platform and ensure our clients have the most commercial digital solution possible.

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Cloud Expansion

DotStark brings more than just technological expertise to the table. Our team recognize that cloud technology can help with a variety of key business issues. We design and implement by offering robust yet dynamic cloud technology solutions that help your company and customers gain efficiency, scalability, security, cost savings, and a variety of other benefits.

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UI/UX Design

Our UI and UX professionals seamlessly integrate into the software development process to create practical and intuitive digital products. We keep up with the latest trends design, branding, usability and function. Collaborate with the development team to build the most effective UI/UX solutions for web and mobile by improving your product's aesthetic and usability.

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Full Stack Development

From front-end prototype to a comprehensive suite of back-end services, we specialize in software development across a wide range of technologies. Every company wants to accelerate its growth, and services can help you do just that. Our full-stack developers have the knowledge and experience required to build full-fledged applications with front-end and back-end frameworks and database management which includes HTML, CSS/SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular.js, Vue.js, Node.js and React.js.

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DotStark is a reputable WordPress development firm with offices in the US and other countries. We firmly believe in offering our clients full-service WordPress development that meets their demands as a business and realises their goals. With our skilled WordPress developers, we take pride in providing a one-stop solution with the quickest turnaround possible.

How Do We Bring Your Ideas to Life? .

DotStark uses a delivery technique that ensures the implementation of all needed processes and quality checks in every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle, with a high-level focus on metrics.

  • Listening to your ideas carefully
  • Building strategy
  • Designing a masterpiece
  • Displaying your brand’s brightest colors
  • Finally bringing your idea to life
  • Conducting internal scrums
  • Testing by our skilled team
  • Applying the most mind-blowing marketing hacks
  • Making sure your brand wins all the hearts

Our Clients Simply Adore Our Work .


I've worked with DotStark on our Kentico instance. Not only did team complete all projects we tasked them with, they did so with exceptional quality and timeliness. In addition to the exceptional work, team taught us best practices moving forward for potential scalability on what assisted us with. DotStark proved vital to me and my project timelines and remains my first option in Kentico projects.

-Director, Malic Vann, USA

DotStark Team has been really great at understanding our issues, and working with us and other external contractors, to fix the issues.

-General Manager, Cassie, Australia

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Data Analytics shaping business world

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What is Amazon EC2 in simple term

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Importance of Graphic Design

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SEO - A Priority for Businesses

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Modern Digital Experience

Modern Digital Experience

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