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🌐Installing Xperience by Kentico 🚀

Manthan Jangid
Nov 28, 2023

🌐Installing Xperience by Kentico 🚀

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Are you ready to embark on a journey to unleash the power of kentico? Buckle up as we take you through the installation process…

1. Set the Stage: Choose Your Directory

Navigate to the directory where you want to install your project. Use the command line to change directories
nd get into the right folder.
For venturing into another drive:
For delving into any folder:

2. Xperience Project Template Magic ✨

Install the Xperience project template in your desired directory using the following command:

3. Package Party 📦

Install the Dancing Goat or an Empty Site package based on your preference. During this step, you might be prompted to
install the database tools. Say ‘Y’ to make the magic happen!
For the Dancing Goat sample site:
dotnet new kentico-xperience-sample-mvc -n <Project Name>
For the Empty Project:
dotnet new kentico-xperience-mvc -n <Project Name>
dotnet new kentico-xperience-sample-mvc -n DancingGoatXByK


4. Get Ready for Lift-off 🚀

Gather the essentials for the installation:
· Your server name.
· A secure Administrator password
· Hash string salt (Grab it from here)
· License Key (Get it from Evaluation keys)
Now, let’s set up the database and configuration:
dotnet kentico-xperience-dbmanager - -s "<sql_server_name>" -a "<admin_password>" - hash-string-salt "<hash_string_salt>" - license-file 
"<license_file_path>" -d "databasename"

5. Ready, Set, View!

You’re almost there! Run the following commands to view your creation:
dotnet run

Open the localhost URL in your browser and witness the magic!


Don’t forget to type /admin to access the admin panel of the new Xperience by Kentico.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Xperience by Kentico. Now go ahead, explore, and create something
amazing! 🎉
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